What is a Weekend?

Saturday Morning 4/18/2020

Here we are on Saturday again. I’m trying like crazy to make the weekends feel like a weekend, like normal. At least a new normal. Today we went on a drive to Farmington, Maine to get some lobster and steamers for dinner, They were out of fish already. There was a long line of people, respectfully standing six feet apart, some with masks. I stayed in the car while my hubby went to get the food. I am realizing that I am fearful of other people and I need to conquer that fear because my dear hubby is at risk, too. Not just me.

The drive was enjoyable and I was glad to leave “campus” (home). It was actually sunnier in Farmington than it was here today. But we are enjoying the merganzers and loons and other feathered creatures returning to the lake. We scared a critter swimming by the house early this morning – the tail slap told us that it was a beaver. Pretty wonderful.

I’ve finished a dishcloth promised to my middle child. I had made one for her brother for Christmas and she wanted the same one because she liked the larger size.

Not Really a Mystery Dish Cloth in Sugar and Cream

I’ve also finished my son’s birthday socks. If you see him, please don’t tell him about them. He’s entitled to one pleasant surprise on his 30th birthday. This will be a tough day for all of us when we can’t be together to celebrate but when this is over, there’s going to be a massive celebration!

Classic Socks for the Family by Yankee Knitter

I used a KFI sock yarn that is cashmere and wool and these are so soft! I made a pair for my sweet hubby for Christmas with the same yarn. I liked it so much that I bought a second ball to make for my boy. I had a kerfuffle around the number of stitches on the first sock so I had to frog a bit and reknit, but they’re done and they’re lovely. I hope he will love them and know how much I love him – he has huge feet and his socks take forever to knit.

Fine Sand by Heidi Kirrmaeir

Once I got my Find Sand sweater to the place where I divided the sleeves from the body, I tried it on. Boy, am I glad I did. I didn’t do a swatch for this sweater and I should have. Call me lazy. I have frogged the whole project and will now do a swatch and reknit the pattern. It was too small and my stitch count was way off. I had two more stitches per two inches … when you’re making a “me-size” sweater, you will have a significantly smaller sweater if you’re this far off. No amount of blocking will help. Hence, frogging. If I didn’t laugh at myself, I’d be miserable. I can laugh, give myself a brief slap on the wrist and then move on. This is one of the great lessons that I’ve learned from knitting. Forgiveness of self.

I’ve finished 18 patches for the Arne and Carlos Quarantine KAL and they’re great! This has been such a happy project for this difficult time. While I was unable to focus on larger projects, as I’ve said before, I could focus on these little ones. I am waiting to see what Arne and Carlos say that we’re making before I finish mine but I am thinking that I’d like to make a wall hanging rather than a pair of pillows. BUT with that said, I kind of like the idea of pillows, too. I’d back mine with denim and they’ll match the pillow I wove at Medomak Fiber Arts Retreat last summer. I’ll let you know.

Gone knitting!

View from my Atelier window … there’s a loon out there, fishing

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New On the Needles

Worsted Boxy

Worsted Boxy

I started my Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli on Sunday when we were driving to visit my nephew in Massachusetts. I’ve had this beautiful Seacolors yarn (in three colorways) for two years. It was knitted into a free pattern for a cardigan that came with the yarn but I really didn’t like the way the sleeves fit (or didn’t fit) into the body of the sweater. You get what you pay for, after all. Anyway, I frogged the cardigan and have waited all this time to knit something new. I loved the Boxy sweater and, lo and behold, there is now a worsted-weight Boxy on Ravelry. We’ll see how it goes.

A Gift in the Mail

A Gift in the Mail

At long last, the yarn that my daughter sent from Chicago to Florida AGES ago, has been forwarded to me and has arrived in Maine. It was postmarked in mid-April, for heaven’s sake! I’ve promised her that I’ll make her some dishcloths or washcloths with it … and I’ve cast on for the first one which will be Grandmother’s Favorite which is free on Ravelry and a very simple, quick knit. What I like about this pattern is that it’s not fussy and it holds up to abuse.

I’ve still got two sweaters to knit – one a tunic/dress and another that I haven’t figured out what pattern to use (yet!) I’m still working on using up some of the stashed yarn that I’ve collected over the years. I will be pulling out the yarn and starting on the afghan squares as soon as the dishcloths are finished.

Gone knitting!