Why Knit?


I started to knit because I wanted to make beautiful sweaters form my daughter. And when I had two daughters, I wanted to have them both wear beautiful sweaters.  Since then I have developed my craft and I get a phenomenal sense of accomplishment when I learn something new or finish a garment that satisfies me. And i find a lot of satisfaction through my knitting. Another wonderful thing about knitting; something I never expected, is that I have met some wonderful people. I can go anywhere and find a circle of men and women who I share something with. I can spend a day or an hour chatting comfortably with strangers. I can learn something from everyone I meet. Knitters are great people!

Knitting is therapeutic and the repetition is meditative. The process can be all-encompassing and mindful, requiring my undivided attention or mindless. There are times when I don’t even have to look at my hands or stitches. Sometimes it is a rhythm that is so much a part of me that it’s an extension of my hands. Hours can pass when I get into the “zone” …

And at at the end of it, you get an awesome product! Something to keep you or your loved ones warm and cozy.

Why do you knit?

Gone knitting.