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Crossing the bridge to home

We went down to Massachusetts to visit family. My aunt, 80 years young, flew in from the other coast. We had so much fun visiting and I wish, as I always do, that we could have had more time. BUT, I promised a long while ago that I’d work tomorrow and my word is my bond. So we came home today … crossing the bridge back into Maine is always a good feeling. I love coming home.

Before we left, I finished sewing on the buttons of the Periperium Cardigan by Kelly van Niekirk. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry. Knit in a DK weight yarn and US 6 needles. I used on 16-inch circular needle and a set of DPNs in the same size. I chose Euro Baby’s Babe Freckles in a primary colored speckled yarn. This one if for my new great-nephew, Noah. I also chose three different colors of buttons: red, blue and yellow and sewed them on with green thread. BUT I forgot to take a final photo before I gifted it. I hope I’ll see the baby in the sweater and that I’ll get a photo one day. I love this little sweater! It doesn’t take a lot of time to knit, it’s tiny and it’s adorable.

Puerperium … not finished but … only photo I took.

I also got a request from my eldest daughter and soon-to-be-mom. I knitted a pumpkin hat for their baby and she wanted something for her to wear with the hat. They’d been looking for a “costume” for her for Halloween and it all seemed kind of “tacky”. So, after asking a few questions, I found the Sheepie Sack pattern by Mandie Harrington, also free on Ravelry. I also found one cake of Malabrigo Rios in my stash that happened to be bright orange (glazed carrot?) … so, I cast on on our way to Massachusetts and I finished the i-cord this morning. It’s pretty cute!

Sheepie Sack in Malabrigo Rios

I’ve been working away on my Musselburgh hat for my younger daughter for Christmas. I’ve chosen a black (her choice, she’s a New Yorker) Vintage Sock by Berroco to try this pattern. It’s written for several weights of yarn so I want to make sure the hat comes out in the right size before I spend lots of yarn money on it. The Vintage is very acceptable, has a soft hand, is nice to knit with … and it’s very reasonably priced at $10. The hat is a very simple knit and I think all of my NYC kids will love it. And it’s great knitting to do in front of the TV or in a meeting. Cast on with a magic loop cast on, increase for awhile and then knit forever in stockinette. A few decreases mirroring the increases and it’ll be done. I love that it’s doubled and can be worn slouchy or like a scull cap.

Depending on the weather next weekend, I’ll be wearing my Elton Cardigan or my Patsy’s Traveling Sweater … I think. I’m guessing that it will be cooler and that the Traveling sweater is going to win. I may decide to wear my Daytripper of my Humulus are also high on my list of possibilities. (All of my projects are listed on my Ravelry project page if you’d like to check out what I’m talking about, pattern and yarn info.) I’m getting excited about going to Rhinebeck! My friend and I are leaving Friday morning around 10am and we’ll do a drive-by so that we don’t get lost and mixed up early Saturday morning when we have to meet a bus. We’re both going to knit the pattern called Sofie’s Scarf on the trip to Rhinebeck. I’m going t knit the large size in Lanna Grossa’s Cashmere 16 Fine. I’ve chosen the “grellow” (35) colorway. It will also serve to be a good sample for the store.

It’s going to be a busy week with work tomorrow and Thursday and meetings for my volunteer jobs all day Tuesday and Tuesday night. Wednesday will be reserved (I hope) for me. Laundry, packing and figuring out what food we’ll take with us. We don’t want to be hangry and have to wait in lines .. Rhinebeck is supposed to be really, really crowded. Not always my bag.

The lake welcomed us home with some beautiful late afternoon sunlight.


Gone knitting.


We arrived home in Florida after a pretty dreadful three day drive from our favorite place in the world, Maine. The traffic was horrendous. The worst we’ve seen in seven summers. I’m  not kidding!!! From Washington, DC to Florida, there was pretty much solid traffic and the rest areas were all full … and it was hot. HOT!

Our second night we stayed in a hotel in Richmond, VA. It was there that the biggest problem presented itself. The air conditioning in the truck broke. It would work for awhile, and then just stop blowing cool. And even when it was blowing cool, it was a feeble blowing … in order to get the air to circulate, the fan had to be on full blast. Loud. Not cool enough and then when it would stop, we had to open the windows. My little dogs, particularly my little girl, don’t tolerate heat well and they can overheat very quickly … so I was really worried that we’d have a serious problem … and only 6 hours to go! Ugh!

But after tears and panic and many calls to AAA and service stations all through the Carolinas, all of which are closed on Saturdays … unbelievable! … we just drove and made it home (relatively) unscathed.

And the unpacking began. I had made several trips back and forth lugging in our stuff when N asked me if I had seen my piano. My piano? What!? I was immediately worried and walked around the corner from the kitchen to find this …



It made me cry!

I knew immediately that two of my friends were in on it – I can spot their work from a mile away (and one of them is the only person in the world who has a key to our house).Three of my friends created this surprise for me while we were away … and I am so honored. It is absolutely magnificent!

Here are some other pictures …


Cute little sheep!


This Makes Me Smile!


Cutest Bee Ever!


Curls hanging!


All the Legs are Different! (Two on the Piano and Four on the Bench!)


View From the Right Side!


Even the Pedals are Yarnbombed!


The Front


View From the top of the Bench!


An Amazing Work of Art!


Terri … the MasterMind!

Image 1

Terri and Jackie! (Kelly was taking the photos.)


The Top … with Candlesticks.

IMG_2178 IMG_2183

Before and After!

Before and After!

So, there you have it. I’ve been yarnbombed.

This yarnbombed gift made all of the bother and drama seem OK … and I am never taking it off my piano! I love my friends! What a wonderful welcome home surprise!

Gone knitting!