On Believing

I really love knitting and I’d like to be able to spend hours knitting every day. But sometimes my clarity around my life gets muddy and the creativity seems to stop flowing. I’ve been allowing myself to be dragged into a lot of drama with my sweetie’s ex and children and I find that the outside drama and darkness causes quicksand-like sluggishness in me. The question for the day is, how do I stay focused on my creativity, goals and life and disconnect from their dramas?

I have several projects on the needles and more that I really want and need to begin. With the holidays fast approaching, I have several hand-made, home-made gifts planned (of course!) and have started only one. Baby gifts (one done, one to go, one that needs to be done but may be ok to do after the holidays – did you see the Viking Baby Hat on chileconyarne? OMG! It is so cute! I know it will be the gift that I have to make for baby Anderson. She also has a cute cupcake hat (free patterns are on her site) which will be perfect for baby Maley. My French grandbaby’s getting an adorable sweater and I only have to add the sleeves, seam and add buttons and it’s done and off to Paris with a UC (University of Cincinnati) sweatshirt to remind his mom of all the fun summers we shared when my babies were (almost) that little!

Got news last night that my younger brother is getting married over Christmas in California. So, by the December 20th departure date, my samples for my pup sweater line have to be complete. Pricing decided and order forms at the ready. I hope to be able to extend my visit and go knock on some doors out there to see who would like to buy my line. (I hear “Who Will Buy” from Oliver Twist playing in my head … “who will buy my sweet red roses?)

See … there I go again … baby gifts to weddings to Oliver Twist (and I must confess from there to watching an adorable 4 year old singer on a YouTube clip from America’s Got Talent) … unfocused. I’m hoping that as I knit this afternoon I can ponder what it is that will make me more clear about what it is that I need to do to regain my focus and my creative spark. It’s such a meditative process that I have faith the answers will come.

“Faith and doubt go hand in hand, they are complementaries. One who never doubts will never truly believe.” –Hermann Hesse

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