Stitch and Bitch

Last night my friend Kelly came over to knit. I had all of my projects lined up … the baby sweater that I need to finish seaming, the Christmas stocking that’s now about 1/3 done, the socks for my son … and we didn’t knit a stitch. But oh, we did bitch!

Sometimes life hands us a situation that is just screaming to be talked about. A Costco pizza (I simply adore Costco; if you’re not a member and you have one near you, join!) and a couple of glasses of red wine and lots of shared stories and concerns left us wondering if we were the only normal people on earth. 

When I went to bed, I felt so much better just having someone who cares about me hear what it is that I’m dealing with and feeling about it. I imagine Kelly felt much the same way. Our perceptions of life are ours reality (and sometimes our reality alone.) Nobody has to agree.

It’s kind of like when I craft something that I really love … and nobody else is crazy about it. I am starting to realize that this is OK. Not everyone will agree with me but I’m still me … perfectly wonderful Queen Bee!

2 thoughts on “Stitch and Bitch

  1. I just noticed the time stamp on my blog … and no, I wasn't blogging at 5:57am. I was very happy curled up in my little bed listening to Lola (my little girl shih tsu snore.) Will get this fixed … soon as I figure out how! LOL~


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