WIP – Inventory

Every knitter knows that you’re not a real knitter unless you have some WIPs (Works in Process) … otherwise known as UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). One is a rather positive spin on doing a lot at one time. The other is a more negative spin and suggests we should be finishing all that we start.

I had to find googly eyes today for my Santa mittens. Nobody in town had them but when I got home, surprise, they were at my fingertips all the while … on Ebay. (Makes me feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz … “click your heels together and say..” Well, you know what I mean!)

So, my inventory is as follows:

Santa Mittens – one small-size finished but eyeless for a few more days. Since I’m using a basic mitten pattern and adapting the color changes to make it look like the Santa mittens at the Yardgoods Center (my favorite LYS when in Maine) I want to make one in each size and get the colors/striping “right”. The photo to the left is the pair from the Yardgoods Center. Cute, right? They were made by a woman who is in her 90’s if my memory serves. To the right is my first small-size Santa mitten without eyes. (Yes, there is a thumb, it’s under the mitten. Smarty pants!)

Christmas Gift – I’ve alluded to this before and it’s getting there but I’m still not telling you what I’m knitting or who it’s for! Every single row is different (38 rows to complete the pattern; two repeats to the heel.) So, I’m two thirds of the way done. If I have so much as a drop of wine, forget about knitting this one!

Libet’s Fingerless gloves – what can I say. These are a WIP from a looooong time ago. I got one finished and didn’t know how to reverse the instructions to make the second one. Now I’ve frogged the first one and will re-make it (them?) sometime soon.

Bear’s Brown socks – started the first sock, turned the heel, completed the gusset and am working my way down to the toe. A very, very long trip!

My Red Cotton Sweater – Ha! This one’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I think there are a few inches from the bottom knitted … and I’ve only had the yarn in my stash for (hmmmm) five or six years!

I did finish a baby gift for my French “daughter” … well, it’s for her baby … and got it in the mail today so that is one UFO/WIP that I don’t have on the list. Good for me!

Taking inventory of my knitting projects as yet unfinished is kind of like taking inventory of my life. Reflection is a frequent pass-time for me these days. There have been some significant bumps along my path. It’s not all been easy or happy but it’s all made me who I am today. And while I’m not always ready to be happy about my today, the bigger picture looks pretty sunny.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!

1 thought on “WIP – Inventory

  1. I found another WIP/UFO in my yarn room … the Aran Afghan … bought the yarn this summer in Maine and started a square … yeah, right. This will be still a WIP when I'm dead! LOL.


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