2011 – A WIP!

One corner of my Atelier … stash, patterns and
projects piling up on my work table!

I’m putting my lips to the world this morning and am doing my best effort to live my life! I’ve been thinking about goals and who I want to be. While I have nothing definitive to write as yet, I am going to ponder this and I’ll write more later.

I just entered another contest on Facebook. This time for a Noro book and some lovely KnitPicks yarn! I sure do hope I win!

I’ve posted a picture of my “Atelier” (French for Workshop) which is my office/work room/yarn room. It still holds all (most!?) of my clothes in the closet – at least until the master closet is finished. I hope it will be soon because I really want to organize my closet in the Atelier to hold my knitting library, stash yarn, needles and all the other stuff so that I can get rid of a couple of mis-matched shelving systems and add a comfy chair and a half to my Atelier!

On the front corner of my work table is my new California yarn! I’m so excited to knit with this yummy wool spun from happy California sheep. Behind it under the red is the Maine lamb’s wool that I bought this past summer and to the right of the brown box is the lovely yarn my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. So much beautiful yarn and so little time!

Under my window is Lola’s new bed. She, however, is sleeping on the floor next to my chair and her brother, Boq, has taken over the bed. He has his brought over his little raccoon toy and a piece of cardboard that he stole from the trash can. My guess is that he plans to shred it for me when he wakes up from his nap! He’s such a helpful guy!

My New Year’s “Resolution” for 2011 is to get more regimented … to formally acknowledge that I am a sole proprietor of Queen Bee Knits and to spend planned time, regularly planned time, in the Atelier creating garments for sale. My first 2011 effort is the Senorita Lolita sweater …

I am designing this garment as I go. I started with my Koigu KPPM skeinettes and have pulled out the ones that have purple hues in them for the main part of the garment. I started with a little rolled neck (Lola doesn’t really like wearing clothes that are binding! LOL!) and have increased enough to make some “arm” holes. The yarn is absolutely wonderful to knit with, has a very soft hand and is not splitting at all.

You’ll notice my KnitPicks Harmony circular needles (size 4) that I’m knitting with. My daughter gave them to me for my birthday – and I love them. Great points for those little stitches. I’ll blog more about my needles another time.

Suffice it to say that the photograph doesn’t really show you much, but this is where I am with the Senorita Lolita sweater for the Jimmy Bean’s Wool Contest with the Koigu Skeinettes! The colors are actually a bit brighter – sorry, I’m not much of a photographer! But at least I don’t chop off everyone’s heads!

 This view is of the roll neck to the left side of the photo. You can see the increases which will run up the chest of the sweater and one “arm” hole is at the place where the colorful needles meet.

I have twelve days to finish the garment … I can do it!

Gotta go – knitting time!

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