Citron #2

OK! I get it … one must repeat a pattern to really see the beauty of each individual piece.

Citron #2
Citron #1

I’ve just finished the second Citron scarf/shawl. The first one was made for my new sister Abbie for her birthday and it was in a lovely gray lace-weight yarn that I doubled up. Perfect for Abbie. I knew it. This one, is made for my brother to give to his “oldest” friend Linda (great name!) and I think he’s going to like it. I made it out of some stashed sock yarn by Shaefer Yarn from Interlaken, New York. It’s a hand painted yarn in the “Anne” colorway. A blend of merino wool, mohair and nylon. Very pretty in deeps shades of purple and green and blue and a golden-beige. I love the way it turned out and it was really great to work with. I even added an extra section because Linda is, apparently, taller than Abbie.

Now on the needles, the lobster mittens for Libet’s friend and the mittens for cousin Lisa. I have a shawl that I’ve put aside for ages in the new Noro sock yarn, a one-skein wonder. There are a couple of other projects that I have to work on but think I may finish the several WIPs and then start with the re-knitting of the “Lola” sweater. I want to get the pattern written out and my sister Kathy is going to “test knit” it for me! Woo hoo!

oh Curses Stitchmarker Set for knit or crochetMy daughter sent me a photo of a great Etsy shop today with some very (VERY) funny stitch markers …
I think they are wonderful and very clever. If you like them, click here! I strongly encourage shopping on There are some very talented craftsmen and women who are selling some fabulous items … and I’m on there too! Want to visit my shop … Queen Bee Knits is open for business!

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