Woo-hoo!!! Queen Bee Knits is on Etsy.com!

I’ve just uploaded the first three items to my Queen Bee Knits shop on Etsy.com! Yippee! It’s been a long time coming and I have a few items that are already knit and ready to go. They just need some wonderful people who like to buy handmade! I’m simply tickled to death to be able to put my hand-knit lovely garments (and some other surprise stuff) up on a website … I feel so lucky!

Knitting is truly a passion and I seldom travel without something to do with my hands. Wish it kept me from putting food into my mouth, but life is just so wonderful when there are things like dark chocolate. Which makes me think of the flourless chocolate cake that I made for dinner last night. Served with homemade whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Yummy! But I digress …

On the needles – fingerless mittens for Lib, scarf for my brother’s gift to his “old” friend, lobster mittens for Lib’s friend. In the line-up – design #1 for my Prima Dogma line, and a cowl in the lovely yellow buttery-colored angora.

My scarf for my brother is growing and is about half way done. I’ve also had an order from my cousin for a pair of mittens and a hat. Navy to match her navy cashmere scarf. I’d love to knit one day in cashmere. I simply adore the way it feels against my skin. I have a couple of sweaters that I bought on sale and there is nothing like it for warmth and softness! Maybe in my next life, I’ll buy a couple of cashmere-growing goats.

They are beautiful animals.

One day, I really want to live on a farm. I’d like it to be a small farm that is not unmanageable for two people who like to read. A couple of horses, goats for milk – want to try making cheese – chickens for eggs. A kitchen garden and a few fiber animals. When I purchase the farm. I’ll let you know where it is and do the appropriate research to see which fiber animals will survive, or preferably thrive in the environment.

Call me farmer-to-be, Queen bee!

Off to dreaming of knitting land! Knit away.

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