My First Official (Sort Of) Order

I sent a really great present to my new sister (it’s a long story but I have a new sister and two new sisters-in-law and an “old” sister-in-law… I don’t really like the in-law status or name because it somehow makes them not equal members of the family … if they are married to my brothers, they’re my sisters. Just as my new sister is my sister. Got it? Ok, stepping down off my soap box now.)

Anyway, I sent a great present to my new sister, Abbie. It’s a really lovely yarn that I was sent in a yarn exchange at least 100 years ago (OK, maybe ten … yes, I mean it!) Feels like it may be alpaca or even cashmere, lace-weight, sent to me in this lovely silvery-gray.

It’s a Knitty (from Knitty’s Winter 2009) pattern called Citron. Cool pattern and a relatively quick knit (at least it was easy on the days that I could count!) So, when I saw the pattern, I immediately knew I had to try it with the skein of yarn in my stash. It has some rusching and some ruffle at the end … and when it was done and I found out that my new sister had a birthday, I knew it was going to her. Just her color, too! Well, she loves it. And when my brother arrived home from his business trip, he called and ordered another one (in a different yarn) for his “oldest friend in the world” (or maybe since he’s been living in California). I won’t say her name just in case she trips or falls onto this blog. Anyway, I’ll be casting on as soon as I am finished with this blog entry! Very exciting.

The new Citron will be in a lovely yarn from Schaefer Yarn, it’s a hand painted superwash merino, mohair and nylon blend. The yarn in my stash is jewel tones … purple to gray-blue to deep emerald green to a brownish-gold. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like knitted up.

With that, dear blog followers (all two or three of you … ) I am going to sign off.

Gone Knitting!

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