Starting Anew (projects too!)

Part of the reason that I love to finish a project is that I get to start new ones. I always have a few projects lined up on the work table in my atelier. Post socks and Senorita Lolita sweater, I decided to start the first Aran design for Queen Bee Knits “Prima Dogma” line and a scarf project for little old me!

Close-up of the X and O (kisses & hugs) pattern

I am basing my Aran sweater on a couple of different projects that I’ve knitted over the last few years. There’s a really cute dog sweater on the Patons Yarns website called Biscuits and Bones (they have some great free patterns, by the way) and the Aran Christmas stockings that I made for my daughter and her boyfriend for Christmas.

Christmas Stocking

I love cables and it must speak to the lassie in me, the Irish part of me (thanks, Mom!) that loves Claddagh’s and cables and Irish knits and all things potato. But I’ll make  the collar with a turn down split collar with a button closure (maybe with thistle buttons?) and then cables down the back, of course, and maybe seed or some other simple stitch on the underside and up the chest. No seams for me … it will be knit in the round with one or two circs, whichever works best!

The scarf is one that I found on Ravelry. (When you are there, add me as a friend! I’m “LindaR”.) The pattern is available for download for a very reasonable price. I advise you to search Ravelry first any time you’re looking for a pattern. Of course, if you’re looking for a hands-on experience, your LYS (local yarn shop) is a great place to get touchy feely! Anyway, the pattern is called “Just Enough Ruffles” and you can find it on Laura’s Blog … cosmicplutoknits! I have been waiting to find just the right pattern to use my beautiful Malabrigo yarn in a bright royal blue colorway and this is it! Thank you to my big brother and sister-in-law for the wonderful yarn; it was a gift for my birthday last July! So, I’ve been knitting the scarf mostly and love the way the yarn looks and I’ll bet it will look wonderful when it’s all knitted up and around my neck. Over the last few days, despite the fact that we live in Florida, I could have used a scarf!

Copyright 2010 “PrimaDogma” by Queen Bee Knits – Chewbacca

Here is another finished item that I made as a Secret Santa present for a little Shih Tzu named Chewbacca! Her two-legged mom, Lisa, is a Star Wars fanatic and I decided to design a sweater that the real Chewbacca would wear. Grey bulky wool in a K1, P1 masculine rib pattern is the basis for the sweater and it have a great turtle neck and cuffed legs. I knit the little bandolier because Chewie would never ever be seen without his bandolier! LOL.

Lots of fun!

I’ll post the Senorita Lolita sweater just as soon as I send off some photos to complete my task.

Happy Knitting!

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