My Lousy Valentine’s Day

So, it was a crummy day. Plain and simple. Thank God for my Atelier … my refuge from the rest of the world.

I wish my Atelier had a fireplace or a wood stove. It was colder inside yesterday than it was outside. Even a portable ceramic heater would have worked to warm by shivering body. My dogs kept me company and I have nearly finished my cousins hat and mittens. Lisa wanted a simple cap and mittens to match in navy blue to match her navy cashmere scarf (I am guessing that it’s not hand knit but woven.) I had completed the hat (which I am not totally in love with but it’s simple and it’s navy) and one mitten and had the second one to go. Since my Valentine and I weren’t really talking, I just sat in my chair with my feet up and worked. I have about an inch of the second thumb left to complete this morning and then the set can be wrapped up and sent to snow country.

I’m in a quandary about this beautiful yarn that I have and that I was planning to knit into a pair of mittens for me from Vogue Knitting. When I started the mittens, I immediately disliked the pattern and the fuzzy yarn was a pain to try to knit according to the pattern instructions. SO … now I’m thinking it should be a cowl. I found a pretty pattern on Ravelry called Thermis that I really like and it’s relatively simple. I am pretty sure I have plenty of yarn and I may give it a try … maybe today. This pattern calls for Paton’s Classic Wool Merino (which is on sale at JoAnn Fabrics in their circular … 2 for $9 … and I’ve been wanting to make a felted bag in gray and bright green for my knitting corner in the Atelier) but I have 5 balls of Malabrigo Angora in their Pollen colorway and it’s delicious. So, I’m thinking with my black down coat, it would be really pretty. I may make one or two of these Thermis cowls as gifts as well for my northern-snowed-in-forever friends, too!

First, though, I have to go eat some really naughty, really good whole belly Ipswich fried clams for lunch. I’ll be regretting it later this afternoon but I’ll enjoy every bite!

Knit on brave souls!

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