Nope, not been knitting (much!)

My mother (and father) said that when you start something, you should finish it. So it goes with everything … and when I started blogging, I never realized the responsibility that I’d have and I feel like I’ve been neglecting it of late. My blogging and my knitting … I’d made a commitment to myself that I would knit for at least four hours ever day, in my Atelier, for my business. Well, not so lately! But it’s all good … My “plans” have been thrust into the back drawer for four days because my two daughters, one boyfriend and a grand-dog have been here for a visit. We had the most excellent of times. Here are some of the highlights …

Monday night: pineapple martinis (with my home-infused pineapple vodka – recipe to follow) and a dinner of crab cakes, salad and sauteed sugar snap peas and sweet red peppers. Then a rousing game of Bananagrams. (I think Kate won hands down.)

Tuesday: A brisk walk with Mabel on the Cross-Seminole Bike Trail was the precursor to a lazy (relaxing?) day by the pool with a couple of Mimosas and Fish Tacos for dinner. It was warm enough for us all to get into the pool … what a lovely sunny day. (Sorry to those of you still in the throes of snow and cold up north … this is the best time in Florida and I get to brag about it being lovely because the rest of the time I’m not particularly fond of the state!) Activity tonight was playing the game Hit or Miss. For this girl who doesn’t really like games, Bananagrams and Hit or Miss are really fun!

Wednesday: Kate and Spence went to Harry Potter World to celebrate their anniversary. Libet, Ned and I went to Horseback Trail Rides in Cocoa for that specific activity – the only one in our area that allows riders to actually MOVE on a horse. We had several opportunities to trot and canter our horses. As she was helping Ned mount up, Shirley shared with us that this horse has taken lots of mentally and physically handicapped people for rides. Ha! In the afternoon Libet and I went up to the WB Equestrian Center and visited the barns with a bag full of apples and Sally’s permission to deliver some treats to the equine beauties. It was a horsey kind of day! (Needless to say, these four days later, as I write this blog, I am feeling some muscles and bones that I have been neglecting for the past decade or two.)

Thursday morning we got an early move on and went to pick a couple of strawberries at Pappy’s Patch in Oviedo. I hesitate to share this treasure because the berries are delicious and the couple who own it are delightful and I don’t think it’s a well-known spot. That being said, we had a great hour picking. We had to say goodbye to Libet in the afternoon and Kate and Spence and Mabel after a dinner of salmon, sauteed spinach and baked potatoes with gluten-free strawberry shortcakes for dessert (with heath bar ice cream in place of whipped cream. My bad but it was good!)

Before I had children, I didn’t understand the depths of love that a mother feels. These two wonderful women that I gave birth to filled my heart and my house with such joy. I’m so proud of them and I absolutely adore them. Every time I have to say goodbye again my heart breaks but I realize that I’ve done my job and it’s their turn to build their own lives as they wish and they are bright, beautiful, and I’m proud to be their mom. (And Mable’s grand-mother!)

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