Cranky day today … why is it that lately I loose my patience at the drop of a hat – or a wet measuring cup? My sweetie isn’t being very sweet today and I’m not feeling the love. If it weren’t for the return of Kate, there’d be very little to look forward to today. All I can think of is a bath and “Calgon, take me away” … although I won’t use Calgon because it would make my allergies go crazy. And it’s too freaking hot for February. Air conditioning already? Ugh.

Not sure when the kids will arrive but I wanted to make a lemon pie for dessert tonight (and it will go so nicely with the strawberries we picked) and some blueberry muffins. No oven after today so it’s my last chance for awhile. Typically baking calms and centers me … but doesn’t seem like it today – could be the grumpy kitchen packer or the crazy non-stop licking cushingoid dog. All I can say is “grrr”!

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