2011 I declared to be a new year full of new challenges and it has been so far. I’m really challenging myself to stick to a work schedule (not doing too well the last couple of weeks with the kids here) and to kick up the business and designs (going well!)

Here are some more renovations going on in my house …

My atelier has been re-organized since the master suite is now complete and all of our clothes fit in the master closet. So my yarn and supplies are in the atelier closet and I’ve got a comfy chair to knit in.

This is our old kitchen. Notice the lovely ceiling treatment … complete with a lovely light and fan that wobbles if you dare turn it on! And, careful if you’re cooking … the range hood will crack you in the chest!

Kitchen renovation started today and it’s getting completely gutted. I am so excited to see the new cabinets and floor. The wall behind the fridge and the wall behind the oven are all going away to make the pantry more accessible and to expand the room and add an island. Today, day 1, they’ve demo’ed the tile floors in the living room, kitchen and front hall, and gutted the kitchen. Messy and noisy but it’s going to be so cool!!! I’ll keep you updated …

I can’t help but think how cool it is that I’m helping to rebuild a kitchen and at the same time, I’m rebuilding myself. I loved being a wife and mother, a community volunteer/school volunteer, au pair coordinator and fundraiser. Now, at age 50… (if you saw me I’d be saying my age and at the same time covering my lips and mouth with my hands – LOL!) .. I’m so fortunate to be able to say that I’m deciding who I want to be now. My childrearing is as over as it’s going to be and I did a great job raising three fantastic kids who I’m totally proud of. I am choosing not to pursue fundraising right now although if I were to find the right fit, the non-profit world is something that I can picture myself doing again. I have always dreamed of having a “yarn and puppy” store (a yarn shop where I can take my puppies) and it still may happen  but likely not in Florida. Meanwhile, I’m knitting and designing and blogging and getting to know myself – perhaps for the first time.

Ah, silence … end of day 1. It starts again at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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