Banner Attempt

Since my last post (today’s post) I’ve attempted something new. Do you see my banner? I’ve tried over and over to create a banner for my blog and my Etsy shop … with no luck. Until today.

Now, this one isn’t perfect on this blog but it’s looking good on the Etsy shop! Somehow this one must be smaller or slightly shorter because it cut off a couple of pictures of my former projects, but it’s close. The color is also a tiny bit (ok, a lot) off … give me some time and we’ll see how I do getting them matched! The ultimate goal is to have all the colors (yellow, in particular) the same … Etsy shop, blog, business cards, the whole kit and caboodle.

Today I worked on a couple of “new” (the quotes mean that they’re only new today because they’ve been hiding in the closet in the UFO basket for way too long) projects. I frogged and started over the Senorita Lolita sweater (second or maybe third time) and I’m pretty pleased with the new tack. I re-started the little Noro shawl that I bought the yarn for last summer in Maine. I don’t like the yarn … or maybe it’s the needles. Whatever it is, it’s not going particularly well and I’m not loving the project. Haven’t gone out to look for some buttons for my yummy buttery yellow angora cowl that is nearly finished but am looking forward to having another finished UFO!

I’m also trying to attempt something new in my life and get to know me – and see what I love, like, want … it’s a really new thing for me and I have made some choices that I wouldn’t necessarily make again. Already. The unfortunate thing is that you can’t always undo what you’ve done. Once you make a choice, you have to move ahead having made it – good or bad, right or wrong. Sometimes it’s too late before you’ve made the choice. People are not perfect, people make mistakes. I am a person. I can only say I’m sorry … sometimes only to myself … and move on. What’s done is done. Move on.

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