Progress is all around me. The kitchen renovation, my blogs new banner is … well … new and different (if not exactly what I was wanting), my business is progressing, my contacts around my business are certainly progressing, my relationships with my boyfriend (partner, sweetie, man friend – what do you call a 50+ year old man with whom you are living but not married or engaged?), my children, my ex … and none of it in MY time!

But, I’m learning (it’s about time, right?) that it’s alright and I’m keeping my happy outlook most of the time. That is really progress. I’m proud that I’m clear about my direction despite little roadblocks that pop up in my way on occasion. For example, I’ve been taking classes in education which I will use to teach (knitting, elementary art classes, whatever) and this “semester” something got goofed up and I didn’t get signed up for the class which I thought I had signed up for. I believe that was an opportunity for me to spend more time with my girls and to focus on the business and knitting. Randy Pausch says that roadblocks are there to tell you how much you want something. He was a very, very wise man. If you haven’t watched his last lecture, click here. This is a MUST SEE video and it truly has changed my outlook on life. If you don’t cry, I think you’re a “tin man” without a heart.

For today, I’m good with the progress that I’ve made and that we’re making. My heart is full and I have way too much yarn to write any more!

Gone knitting!

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