On the Needles

The Bella mittens are on the needles and, thanks to a trip down to Concord, MA, the first one is nearly done. Had I brought my “ditty bag” full of all the markers and holders, it would have been completely finished. I’m using a really great red yarn that I bought in Bath last week.

The two socks on one needle are knitting up well. Not sure I love the fiber – it’s a bit rough but I’m sure my feet won’t mind. When the toes are warm, it’s all good.

I’m going to try to photograph how easy this two socks on one needle is and put the pictures up here.

I also love the way the thumb gusset is made in the Bella mittens – with a left and right leaning increase, it looks so professional and polished.

Pictures to come. BUT since I am “pooped” from our little foray into Massachusetts, I’m going to grab a little bite to eat and climb into my own bed.

More knitting tomorrow!

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