Clean, Green and Frugal!

So, we’ve been talking about making our own laundry soap and other household cleaners. Part of the desire to do this is that we’re in Maine for the summer and everything here just seems cleaner and more natural. The other part is that the stuff you buy in the grocery store is anything but natural and it’s pretty expensive. So, we raced to the Internet and here’s what we found.

I found several websites with my Google search for “natural laundry soap recipes” but the “best” one that I found is on which has ten (yes, ten!) recipes and some other ideas and suggestions (click here to visit). And the bonus is that we have all the stuff we need here in the house. So, we’re going to try one or two of them and I’ll report back on how the clothes look (and smell!) We have had a challenging towel situation and I’ll tell you more about that, too.

All of this natural cleaning stuff really started because of my allergies … I have had an allergic cough for ever. So, since we’re here and it feels like the thing to think about and discuss in the evening, I’ve also been researching natural home cleaning products. Yes, I may be willing to give up my swiffer – or at least the disposable and perfumed cleaning pad part! And I may be sharing a knitted idea that will replace them. Stay tuned!

One thing that I’ve learned so far is that one of the best natural disinfectants is vinegar. Yes, plain old white vinegar! And the only reason that the information isn’t “out there” is because of “red tape”. You’re welcome to read more about this here but suffice it to say that the EPA has fouled this up … and, um, doesn’t natural disinfectant protect the environment? So, anyway, if you’re cleaning a bathroom, check the link for tips … and don’t buy toilet cleaner and shower cleaner and floor cleaner and sink cleaner any more.

We’ll update you when the house and laundry are clean!

Till then, I’ve got some knitting pattern research to do!


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