Bedlam Farm Journal … A Recommendation

If you’ve never heard me recommend Jon Katz and his Bedlam Farm Journal blog, hear me now!

This morning, Jon tells a story about having given a sermon and a talk. While I know minimally about his life history, Jon is sage and doesn’t waste words (while I waste them constantly!) In his post he says, “And I said at both that in America, we are led to believe the world is in turmoil and coming apart and that we must be angry and afraid for our lives, for the weather, for our health, about money, about the rest of the world. I said  I didn’t believe this. I said I believe we need to repair the earth, not make it into a political argument. And we need to live our lives, define our own notions of health – healthy people do not live in fear and anger – and lead lives of fulfillment and self-determination. That is the sacred call to life for me.”

What is my sacred call to life?

I agree with Jon. I believe that we are the creators of our own world. We are responsible for our health and the health of the little patch of world we live in. Here in Maine (and in Florida when we’re there) we don’t waste resources. We recycle everything we can. We use “clean” products and keep adding to our list. We eat as locally as possible and work to improve this, too. I value the friendships and family and remind myself of the blessings that I receive daily (well, some days are dark and ugly … I’m human and accept that I still have some growing to do.)

Canine Cousins on the Couch

When was the last time you played with a paddle ball?

We just had my brothers and sisters and my daughter and her boyfriend and eight dogs here visiting for a week. We really only left the “campus” that is Camp Smedley once – to relive the bucolic childhood that we remember in Tenants Harbor, Maine. Thirteen people (ten adults and three kids) and eight dogs got along (my mom would be so pleased!) for a week in a house on the shores of Lake Messalonskee. The visit was too short and painful when they all left – painfully quiet at first and then we simply longed for the good company of people we care about deeply. Sharing this place that means so much to us with our family was very meaningful and will be stored away in the memory as one of the best ever experiences.

Cousins and Cards!

I know I am on this planet to do something that will make a difference. I may have already made it  … I raised three children to be independent and they know that they need to find their own happiness. They have the tools and the “smarts” to do what they need to do to get there and they are all on their way. I have touched the lives and hearts of children, volunteering in the schools, bantering with my kids’ friends. I have held the hands of friends who were struggling and I have mourned their passing. I’ve tried to be supportive of their loved ones left behind – at least I offered to be available and with an open heart. I’ve shared my talents and continue to share the things I love to do. I think there are still great things that I can do and I am learning about myself and discovering what I am passionate about.

Life is full of blessings and the world is a wonderful place to be … if you just believe it is so.

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