Halcyon Yarn … My Vest is on the Needles

This vest is on my needles! (In a different colorway because they were sold out of almost all their cotton yarns after this pattern appeared as a free pattern on Ravelry.com!) They only had two colors  … all the others (and there were many) were gone! Shelves were bare!

I love the simplicity of the pattern (and it’s easy enough to remember … even when I’m talking – or having a martini!) and the yarn colorway that I chose is great. Neutral but rich enough that I believe I will be able to wear it a lot.

The yarn, Halcyon‘s cotton, is fabulous to knit with and maintains the shape of the garment and doesn’t stretch out like with “normal” cotton. (Not to say that this yarn in abnormal, it’s, quite frankly, the best cotton that I’ve knit with to date!)

The pattern is a simple two-row pattern with the first setting the pattern and the second is just knitting. Together they create a diagonal stripe effect that I hope will be slimming and comfortable, too!

Pictures coming up!

Off I go to the porch … my summer office is sunny and clear today and I’m going to take full advantage. (The class work will have to be put aside today in favor of the sunshine!)

Gone knitting!

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