Hot! Hot! Hot!

My goodness! It’s not often that we’re really hot in Maine (much more normal in Florida) but whew, today is a stinker!

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte – Seurat

I got a lot accomplished today, though not a whole ton of knitting because I keep getting sidetracked by a puzzle on the dining room table. I have a thing about puzzles and I have trouble leaving them without putting in just one more piece! All kidding aside, I really do like puzzles and this one is a great French art … George Seurat’s pointillist piece.

My vest is coming along. I admit that I knitted an entire right side row (which should have been the pattern stitch.) I had to frog the entire row – way too much to “repair”. But I’m making progress. Checked the gauge again today and I’m “on the money” so I’m hoping it will fit, too! (That’s always good when you’re knitting a garment … fit, that is!)

Week two of my Human Biology online class is done. I took the quiz today and did OK. It’s a real struggle for me to take a class and memorize information that has no logical application to my life. I know, I know, I’m human and thus it could be interesting – and it is on one level but also way more information than I think I’ll ever use in my next profession. Why it’s required in order to enter the MSW program, I’m not sure. When they admit me, I guess I’ll find out! 🙂

Well, eight minutes are left for my ebay auction … sure do hope I win! I have a very special person that I want to send it to … I love him/her a ton! 🙂

Off I go to watch the last few minutes … refresh buttons are wonderful!

Gone shopping!

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