I’ve finished the Noni tote bag. F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D!

With the Pattern

It’s finished! Done! Off the needles and waiting to be felted (and lined and handled…). Woo! Hoo! And just in the nick of time so I don’t have to part from it for ten days with several rows left undone. I just love it when the projects are completed – especially when they come out so well!

I am really excited to see it felted. It’ll have to wait a few days, though because I’m still on the road toward home.

What a fun project … despite a few challenges (like being able to count) … and I am thrilled with the way it has turned out. I really like the color choices (although I have to admit that I’ve thought it would look great reversed, too) and I am glad that I made the main color gray. The acid green/yellow is a good accent and the pattern pops! Yippee!

On the needles:

One down, one to go!

Alpaca fingerless mittens found on Ravelry … Basketweave Gauntlet by Isabeau Knits. This is a pretty simple pattern to follow. The first pair I made were finished in a day-ish and I loved them (as did their recipient). This pair is also a gift … and I think they’re going to be beautiful … and warm!

Sending the two socks on one needle home with N. His dog got into them today. He’s old and has Cushings Disease and fortunately there was no major harm done. I was stuck anyway … need some help figuring out how to turn the heel despite having looked it up on the Internet. Thought I had it but not so much! LOL!

My cotton vest is growing exponentially. I love it and I think it will be something that I’ll

Two inches to go on the back ...

live in come fall and winter … well, at least when we’re in Florida. It may not be warm enough for Maine.

Have purple yarn to make some more baby hats for Click for Babies Period of Purple Crying project. I’ve donated one so far and want to do a couple more. I will be donating mine in Maine.

Too late to knit more tonight but I’ll be back at it tomorrow … pictures are coming!

Gone … to bed to read!