Wondering …

… whether to maintain my Etsy shop or move my knitwear items to my website.

… why some people can’t seem to share.

… how people who love each other (or did one day) can be so hateful.

… why people can’t leave their children out of it.

… if it’s going to be cooler today.

… what to have for breakfast.

… to knit or study?

… how to make my love of knitting and people and martinis and little dogs into a business that will support me.

… when I’ll see all three of my kids next.

… how to make this blog more interesting (and get more readers.)

Ugh. Study time. Four more chapters. I can do this.

2 thoughts on “Wondering …

  1. I can’t answer most of your questions and I’m sad that you seem to be having relationship/family issues but I have a tip for building your blog following. Offer a giveaway and enlist the people who follow your blog to help by linking to your blog via their blog. Doesn’t have to be elaborate but something related to your knitting business would be good – a hat or small bag or mittens, maybe some stitch markers, etc. I’ve seen lots of people do that and it seems to work.

    Oh.. and my breakfast was a hard boiled egg, greek yogurt and mini cinnamon sticky roll if you still need ideas. 🙂


  2. LOL! No issues, I was just wondering … Love your idea! I’m going to think about what I can offer. I don’t remember what my breakfast ended up being but I’m sure I didn’t miss a meal! 🙂


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