On The Road Again

We’ve had to move out of our Maine house for the month of August which is N’s half-sister’s month. So, we’re on the road again … with our three crazy dogs.

First stop Ipswich, MA. If you’ve never eaten at the Clam Box, you’re missing the best whole-belly fried clams in the whole world! We’ve been there before and have never seen the place without a line out the door. We’re staying with our camp friend from forever ago, Bob … good company and a good friend!

Meanwhile, my Noni bag is mere single-digit rows away from completion! I’m really excited about this one because I’ve never done colorwork and I’m eager to see the finished project off the needles where I can really see the pattern. I got the handles delivered just before my birthday so I’m ready to put it all together when I get back to Orlando.

I’m doing my level best to work on it for a couple hours a day and get it all done before I’m dropped in Atlanta.

Two socks on one needle are frozen and in limbo. Who knew that when you got to turning the heel it wasn’t as easy to figure out. The needles only go one way and you can’t really skip over un-knit stitches to turn the heel as needed. God bless the Internet, though. I found a couple of sites with hints as to how to accomplish this feat … I’ll let you know how it works. BUT it seems that I have to turn one heel, pick up the gusset stitches and then do the second heel. I’ll try it … manana (in other, English, words … tomorrow!)

Gone knitting!

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