When Does Life (of a knitted object) Begin?

I know, I know, it’s a touchy subject but one that I think really needs to be addressed here in my blog.

Yesterday, I “mastered” short rows and knitted a complete Bandana Cowl. I’m not really sure when this cowl became a living garment … I’m pretty sure it wasn’t able to live alone until it was off the needles, birthed, so to speak, by me and able to survive as a garment without the needles.

Not sure what I’ll do today … maybe it will be cookie baking (the poor butter has lived out of the refrigerator for a day, was put back, pulled back out and put back in another time, too!) as the Christmas holiday is drawing nigh (how’s that for antiquated language?) and there’s not a cookie in the house.

I wonder when the life of a home-baked product begins … hmmmm.

Gone knitting.

Wondering …

… whether to maintain my Etsy shop or move my knitwear items to my website.

… why some people can’t seem to share.

… how people who love each other (or did one day) can be so hateful.

… why people can’t leave their children out of it.

… if it’s going to be cooler today.

… what to have for breakfast.

… to knit or study?

… how to make my love of knitting and people and martinis and little dogs into a business that will support me.

… when I’ll see all three of my kids next.

… how to make this blog more interesting (and get more readers.)

Ugh. Study time. Four more chapters. I can do this.