Goodnight (hurricane) Irene …

Hurricane Irene is heading toward the east coast of the United States as we speak. The press would make one believe that it’s the worst storm to hit the world in the last hundred years. People are in a panic mode from the Carolinas to Canada.

I was kind of looking forward to witnessing a hurricane – albeit not from the coast – before I leave Florida but it seems like it’s not going to make landfall before the Carolinas. Seems it’s not going to happen this time!

So, while everyone else is stocking up on batteries and water … and they’re evacuating lower Manhattan and stopping all mass transit in New York City tomorrow late morning … I’m going to head to my bed with knitting in hand and relax and knit in peace.

On the needles … hexipuffs, baby hat #1 (re-designed version), Maine sweater vest (almost there!) and the dreaded two socks on one needle which will be going back to Maine for help from Betty the wonder-knitter so that I can learn how to turn the heel!

Baby hat #2 is in process. My “old” (former?) au pair – I was her local coordinator when she was an au pair in Ohio ten years ago and now she’s married and a local coordinator herself – is adopting a baby boy in October and I’m knitting for her baby boy. What a wonderful way to celebrate a magnificent event in her life!

I’m so grateful that my family and friends (well, most of them anyway) are all out of the way of Irene. Praying that Irene behaves and lives are saved.

Life is so good!

Gone knitting!