Back in the Saddle …

The house in Maine survived Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. While we weren’t here on Sunday when the storm hit, we arrived on Wednesday to clean up the yard … one fallen tree and a collection of sticks and small branches.

I’ve finished one really cute baby hat and am starting a second. The first, an “Aviatrix Hat” is really cute but the pattern wasn’t particularly clear. I used a wonderfully soft medium blue yarn and I think the baby will be kept really warm … until he grows out of it. The second hat is a Dropps design. It’s a bit like a hood in that it goes over the head (and thus won’t come off so easily!) You can click here for the free pattern – and while you’re there, they have a ton (TON!) of really beautiful patterns. Shop till you drop!

I’m nearly done with my vest. If I hadn’t gotten this creeping crud upper respiratory thing, I’d have it done and could be wearing it. I still love the vest – wish I’d made mine a bit longer, but I think (if it fits around my body) that I will get a lot of wear out of it.

I’m working on the “hexipuffs” for my knitted quilt. Did I show you a picture of this project? Yikes! I love it! TinyOwlKnits has designed the most wonderful one-of-a-kind knitted quilt that I, the Queen Bee, must have. It’s called the beekeeper’s quilt and here it is …

It’s beautiful, is it not? Well, I am working on mine (I have three or four of the 3 million little hexipuffs that I need to knit) and I can’t wait to show you as it’s put together. You can make this project too … by visiting this website and purchasing the pattern for a very reasonable fee! Here’s the site …

I have a couple pairs of socks still on the needles: a pair of black ones for my son, Bear. A pair of scrappy/birthday party/celebration socks for my Etsy shop and the dreaded two socks on one needle which I’ll get done soon … once I get a bit of help from the master (rather, mistress) of two socks on one needle, Betty, at my LYS here in Maine.

So, this Queen Bee is busy, busy, busy. (Can you imagine that?)

Running out to get the laundry off the line and then wrapping my afghan around my shoulders while I knit a bit … think I’ll attempt the seam for the vest’s shoulders and finish that baby!

Gone knitting!