California, Here I Come!

I’m off to the Left Coast tomorrow with my little dogs in tow.

Can’t wait to spend a week (ish) with my brother and his lovely new(ish) bride, my newest sister and their four little dogs.

Meanwhile, my shawl is still on the needles and not quite half-way to the large size. Guess I’ll continue stitching away until it’s done – whether I can wear it to the 70th birthday party in Lake Tahoe on Saturday night or not.

I’m taking my two socks on one needle project … must. finish. this. project. I even separated the twins today. I definitely don’t like doing two at once, so I took one sock off and will finish it after the first is finished. So much simpler for me. (It helped that one sock had 67 stitches and the other had 71. Oops!

I will be taking my laptop but can’t guarantee that I’ll be blogging  a lot.

See you on the flip side!

Gone knitting (is there a Mile High Club for knitters?)

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