Abundance vs. Scarcity

Abundantly Beautiful!

I love to talk. Yup, I do.

I also love to listen. We’ve been talking about our attitudes toward life and how those attitudes and beliefs can change our paths. When I got divorced, I left an unhappy situation where I was continually feeling trapped and inadequate. In the time since, my life has opened up and wonderful opportunities have presented themselves … and while at times it’s really frightening, I am so grateful for having my friends and family who can talk me off the precipice when the going gets rough.

When I talk about how my life has opened up, I almost always spread my arms wide. My heart opens and fills. I have a wonderful man in my life who loves me. We may not be perfect but I’m committed to making us work and there’s really nobody I’d rather grow old with. He’s my buddy and he loves me through thick and thin … even when I have my emotional crazy hormonal “moments” (that often last a couple of days or a week.) I have three healthy, productive, interesting kids and they make me so proud. (I’m also proud of myself because I raised them and guided them and I did a good job. The most important job I could ever have!)

Revisiting Childhood

I’ve reconnected with my brothers and I have a new brother to love (I’ve blogged about it before … check out the older posts). The family is growing and flourishing and supporting each other – and that’s as it should be. I have reconnected with my cousins and am getting to know their families. I am growing too – getting to know myself and learning to appreciate my talents and knowing that I can do whatever it is that I want to do – whether it’s moving to a strange (yes, Florida is strange) city, start a knitwear design line, make a living knitting (well, not quite yet, but it’s happening!) or help my brother tie up some loose ends and simplify his life.

I believe that the abundance of good things in my life are a direct result of my being open to having good and feeling deserving of good. I also believe that it’s because I’m willing to be generous and share – my thoughts, my talents, my time, my money, my food – with others. I used to be fearful and worry about not having enough and closed myself but I’m practicing abundance and wonder and love … and it’s happening!

Gotta love it – but I’ve talked enough for now.

Gone knitting!

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