Happy Valentine’s Tree

For Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart bought me a tree. It’s a very special tree. One that I’ve been coveting since I moved to Florida.

When you grow up in the Northeast, you become accustomed to picking apples in the fall. That’s about the only fruit tree that thrives in the cooler climes of New England. The same can be said for Ohio, where I raised my children.

Florida is different. They grow citrus here. In December the fruit begins to ripen and oranges and grapefruit with their sunshiny colors cover the trees. It’s totally foreign to me but I’ve enjoyed the difference. Now I have my own citrus tree right in my own backyard.

It even has baby limes on it already … how did it know? When they grow up, they’ll be in my cocktail! Lucky limes … and lemons … and oranges!

Gone knitting!

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