Knitt-ah. N. A person who knits (in Maine).


I love knitting. I love teaching people to knit.

In my next life, I want to work in a yarn shop or around yarn and teach knitting. I have come to know that I am a really good teacher and I know my craft well. I want to use the passion that I have for teaching and learn more about yarn and fibers. Working in a yarn shop will help me get there.

That next life is coming screaming around the corner on two wheels!

For Sale!

For Sale!

Our home here in Florida is on the market and we are looking forward to moving to Maine. It’s where we feel most grounded. N has had the constancy of the house there in his life for all of his life. We were there are crazy-in-love teenagers. We started our life together with a summer there after our divorces. It is home. The old house is coming down to make way for a very similar house that we can live in year-round. N will be hammering and sawing and nailing. I will be compiling my list of classes that I can teach and going around to meet yarn shop owners to  put it out there that I would like to teach in their shops. I also want to send a note to the LYS shop owner I know whose shop is closest to our house to see if she’d be interested in hiring me to work in the shop part-time and to teach some classes. All of this will be happening sooner than I can imagine. Life continues to zoom past at an increasing speed!

I’m putting it all out there. Being open to the ideas that may be created and open to the suggestions of my peers. I want to visit the markets and fiber events as a blogger and knitter and teacher. That’s where my heart is leading me and I’m choosing to follow my heart.

As our house sale comes together and the move starts to be planned, I am so grateful for the wonderful life that I live. My friends and family who support me (and us.) Life is so good!

Gone knitting.

I Love Sandhill Cranes

I am my father’s daughter. He chased the elusive Pileated Woodpecker for his entire life. (I’m not sure if he ever saw one in the wild.) He also talked a lot about the Roseate Spoonbill which, as far as I know, also eluded him.

One of the (few) things that I really love about living in Florida is the birds and one of my favorites is the Sandhill Crane. They seldom are alone and almost every morning we have a pair or trio of them flying over our house. As they fly they make the most remarkable sounds. These are not little birds, they probably are four or five feet tall.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video so you can hear what we have the privilege of hearing on a regular basis. Quite a lovely sound  … thanks to Mother Nature!

Gone knitting.

Teaching Calendar

You may know (if you follow me on Facebook) that I’ve posted my teaching calendar for November and December.

I love teaching knitting. It allows me to share this craft that I am so passionate about and it gives me a setting where I can meet all kinds of new people.

I need to come up with some ideas about what FUN classes to teach after the basics are learned! I think I’ll run to the store today and “steal” a ball of the ruffled yarn and make a scarf for the open house on Saturday … and did I mention that all the classes purchased on Saturday are half price?!

Classes purchased on Saturday (at Michaels in Sanford between 11am and 3pm) at our Open House are half price! HALF PRICE!

To see my teaching schedule for September through December click HERE! And then come in on Saturday to sign up and pay for half price classes through 2013! I promise that we’ll have fun!

Gone knitting!

Happy Valentine’s Tree

For Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart bought me a tree. It’s a very special tree. One that I’ve been coveting since I moved to Florida.

When you grow up in the Northeast, you become accustomed to picking apples in the fall. That’s about the only fruit tree that thrives in the cooler climes of New England. The same can be said for Ohio, where I raised my children.

Florida is different. They grow citrus here. In December the fruit begins to ripen and oranges and grapefruit with their sunshiny colors cover the trees. It’s totally foreign to me but I’ve enjoyed the difference. Now I have my own citrus tree right in my own backyard.

It even has baby limes on it already … how did it know? When they grow up, they’ll be in my cocktail! Lucky limes … and lemons … and oranges!

Gone knitting!