Ruffles Are Not my Style

Knitting the ruffle yarn scarves is all the rage.

Though not my style, I now understand why people are knitting so many of them – they’re a quick knit and they’re so simple once you figure out how you want yours to look. Tight ruffles, loose ruffles, somewhere in between.

I brought a ball of ruffle yarn home from Michael’s so that I could give it a try and see what all the hoopla is about – and also be able to teach it because there have been requests! And in a matter of a few minutes, I’ve figured it out.

I don’t have the ball band (because I had to give it to my manager for accounting purposes) but it’s a multi-shade yarns in blues – gray blue to teal to turquoise – with a little bit of silvery sparkle at the end.

It’s a fun project and I look forward to adding it to my November teaching calendar!

Gone knitting!

Teaching Calendar

You may know (if you follow me on Facebook) that I’ve posted my teaching calendar for November and December.

I love teaching knitting. It allows me to share this craft that I am so passionate about and it gives me a setting where I can meet all kinds of new people.

I need to come up with some ideas about what FUN classes to teach after the basics are learned! I think I’ll run to the store today and “steal” a ball of the ruffled yarn and make a scarf for the open house on Saturday … and did I mention that all the classes purchased on Saturday are half price?!

Classes purchased on Saturday (at Michaels in Sanford between 11am and 3pm) at our Open House are half price! HALF PRICE!

To see my teaching schedule for September through December click HERE! And then come in on Saturday to sign up and pay for half price classes through 2013! I promise that we’ll have fun!

Gone knitting!

Get ‘er Done! I’m back and Teaching!

I’ve been getting all of my teaching stuff back out and am heading to Michael’s (Sanford) to  put my “story board” in the classroom and to put printed calendars for September and October out in the store.

I just heard that we have an Open House on Saturday, September 8, 2012 from 11am to 3pm. Wonder if our classes will be offered at half price?! It’s a good way to get two classes for the price of one!

I love teaching people to knit and I am looking forward to sharing this craft with others so that it lives on!

Visit my “Teaching at Michaels” page to see the schedule for September and October … I’ll see you in class!

Gone knitting!

Call Me “Teacher”

I haven’t written a lot about knitting in the last few posts. You must think I’m not knitting …

Well, I certainly am knitting but it’s been such an odd assortment of “oddities” that you may not believe it. I’ve finished a seed stitch bordered baby blanket and a newborn hat to match. I have finished a seed stitch dog jacket, as yet unnamed, to add to the Prima Dogma line by Queen Bee Knits. It turned out really cute, if I do say so myself! No pictures yet, sorry!

I’ve also been working on samples and demos at the Michaels store where I’ll be teaching knitting in April. I am not sure whether I misunderstood or if the store managers were unclear but, whatever, we’ll figure it out! I’ve got a calendar together for April and have sent out two emails to potential students who have been interested enough to give me their contact information. Signs will go up in the store next week when I get back from my trip to Chicago – in the yarn aisle. I’ll also have a few samples … I hope! I’ll be knitting them in Chicago with my own yarn. A couple of hats and a couple of fingerless mitts … and I’m hopeful that the classes will be attended!

I’ve knitted one uterus for the “government free v-jj” project headed by Annie Modesitt and another of her friends. I’m getting political? Who knew? But it’s fun to have an opinion and take the risk of sending a knitted female body part to a couple of Florida politicians. One as a thank you and one as a “hands off my uterus!”. 🙂

I’m also knitting swatches for my certification. I’d love to get them all finished and sent off by the end of the month. Not sure it will happen but it’s a goal to head toward.

All in all, life is good and I am feeling lighter and more hopeful. It’s nice to have a job to come home to after our summer vacation. Time to get some Queen Bee Knits patterns ready for test knitting (look out Ravelry! and Knit or Knot!) and to get some pieces knitted up for my shop.

Gone knitting … well, at least I’ll be dreaming about knitting!

Work and Risk and the Central Florida Fair

Entered in the Central Florida Fair

So, I had an interview today with Michael’s … I’ve applied to teach knitting in their store in Sanford, FL. It’s very interesting to bring my knitted samples and listen to the feedback. Talk about confirmation! I’m excited about the opportunity to teach there.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished knitting a pair of felted slippers for my former colleague at the Health Improvement Collaborative (the best little non-profit in Cincinnati), Erika. She chose the yarn and I think she’s going to be very pleased. I’m eager to see how they look felted! I’m not sure I’d have chosen the yarn but I’m glad Erika did because I really like it! Goes to show you what happens when you try something new and different … something that you might not have tried.

I’m not really a risk taker. It’s (normally) frightening to try new things in life. That being said, it’s such a good way to stretch myself. I found the same satisfaction in my Ohio book club where it was sometimes challenging to even think about reading some of the book choices. But I liked most of the books.

SO, on that note, I’ve entered two pieces of my knitting in the Central Florida Fair. I’m a bit weirded out about it because I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m also energized by the idea. And, frankly, am thinking about what I can knit to submit next year, too! I hope to have the opportunity to join my knitting group for demonstrations so that I can also go and see (and photograph) the knitting entries … and see what’s there.

Off I go into my day. I’m hoping to take before and after photos of Erika’s slippers later today and will post them here!

Gone knitting!