Baking … in the kitchen and out!

We seldom have hot weather here at the lake. Only once do I remember seriously considering an air conditioner. Today … well, for the last couple of days … I’d love to have one! It’s been hot and humid – and maybe it’s the humid that makes it less bearable?

Regardless, we have family arriving tomorrow and I wanted to get my baking done. Or at least most (some) of it. Today I made a couple of desserts that I found on Pinterest – first I made an ice cream sandwich cake. It was a really quick dessert to make and since the three boys really like ice cream, I thought this would go over big! I used the small individually wrapped Reese’s candies … and intend to chop up more to go on the top when I get it out of the freezer. (Unfortunately, there were no left-over ice cream sandwiches for me to snack on. Recipe used exactly 24!)

Next, I made two peanut butter pies. N said that he’d love it … and since he’s had a rough week, I decided that I could do that for him. Also a really quick dump-dump-stir-stir dessert to make with a cookie crumb crust (bought in the store). The only change we made was that N whipped real cream rather than using the “whipped topping” that you can find in your grocer’s freezer! (You know what I’m talking about!) I bought one chocolate cookie crust and a graham cracker cookie crust … will let you know which is better! I have to buy more cream  to decorate the pies with before serving … and probably will chop up more of those Reese’s candies that are left over!

Last thing I made today was some cinnamon pull-apart bread. I’ve made this recipe once before – and it was delicious! It’s also rather simple for a yeast bread recipe. I even mixed it by hand and it came out beautifully. This time, I added chopped pecans and a drizzle of honey before I stacked up the squares of dough. It’s in the oven as we speak … and it smells so good when it’s baking! I can hardly wait to try it (again!)

N was making his home-made baked beans today, too. It’s his comfort food – and the recipe, while it changes almost every time, is getting better. He’ll eat them for breakfast … me, not so much! Maybe dinner.

Tomorrow I have to make up some muffins and since I have bananas in the freezer, I thought that I’d do banana blueberry … stay tuned! Also found a recipe for vegan pumpkin oatmeal cookies that I HAVE to try! Pumpkin and oatmeal together sound pretty wonderful.

So, that’s it – not really knitting today but the baking has been fun … the baking heat both from the oven and from the weather … well, suffice it to say, I’d rather be cool! Thank goodness we have a lake in the front yard!

Gone knitting!

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