Destruction before Construction

The short story is this …

N. bought this house from a bank. Our inspector found a bunch of stuff wrong with it. The bank and N. came to an agreement over the price. The bank neglected to share that there was a known permitting problem with the county. A year or so after the closing, N. was “served” with notice, by the county, that he was being taken to court because of a lack of permitting on the “addition” … we were clueless!

Banks are unethical in every way. Not only do they loan money to poor suckers that they can’t afford but they also don’t have to (and don’t choose to) share potential problems that they know about because they don’t live in the house! Ugh.

So, now our back wall is being taken out (at our expense) and it’s hurricane season!

Before – just without curtains!

Off we go on another adventure!

Gone knitting!

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