Knitting Interrupted

This work thing sure has cut my knitting time!

I used to knit for hours each day. Now I’m lucky to have a few minutes here and there throughout the day to even think about yarn. Today I actually took a break at lunchtime and knitted a 2-stitch i-cord for ears of a tiny bunny for my mentee. (Her request; an award for completing her goals!) I only have to give it eyes and a tail and it’s a gift that will be loved.

Sleeves to frog and re-knit (wider to fit the arm holes), a back to re-knit because I must have been “on something” when I changed balls of yarn smack dab in the middle of the back at mid-shoulder height.

Tunic to finish (ha! Maybe by winter!)

Socks for the youngest brother’s 50th birthday – after I replace the chewed needles.

So much knitting … so little time.

Gone knitting!

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