Hueblein Tower, Simsbury, CT

Hueblein Tower, Simsbury, CT

When I was a little girl, my parents lived on Avon Mountain in Avon, CT. Our house was on the top of the same mountain as this tower … just way to the right of the tower in this picture (out of the picture, in fact.)

Looking back, that was such a beautiful place to grow up. Each season was beautiful. We were lucky.

We often took “hikes” to the Heublein Tower. Way back then, the tower had fallen into disrepair but the grounds were still gorgeous. A great trail to follow that made it family friendly. And beautiful views from the trail’s edge. Often there were hang gliders jumping off the edge of the mountain from just below the trail … it was awesome watching them take off and fly.

I remember my father telling stories about an Indian (now we’d say Native American) chief who hid in one of the caves just under the tower during a war long, long ago. The cave was called King Phillip’s Cave. At least that’s what we called it in our family. (I just now Googled it and it seems to be mostly true. The chief, King Phillip, was watching his tribe burn the town of Simsbury to the ground during King Phillip’s War.)

Anyway, this vista of the mountain and the tower took me right back to my home. I love the fall in New England and can’t wait to return there to live full-time in the near future.

Gone knitting.

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