Deady Bear Progress!



I’m making this crazy bear for a friend. I’ve knitted an owl before and I love it. This, I’m not sure about yet. There have been several “softies” that I have been tempted to knit (and this one is not necessarily on the list!)

The pattern is “Deady Bear” by Arwyn Yarwood-Hoeppner is in the book Son of Stitch ‘n’ Bitch: 45 projects to knit and crochet for men. While it requires a bunch of yarn colors, the yarn is not super expensive. I’m knitting with the Nature Spun Sportweight yarn by Brown Sheep in the colors that were listed in the pattern. You could knit this bear in any sport-weight yarn, however, and in any colors that please your eyes.

I’m enjoying the process (as I do with almost all projects) and now that he’s stuffed and starting to take shape, it’s even more fun – partly because I’m almost finished and partly because, once again, I’ve tried something that I wouldn’t normally have tried and I can do it! Yay me!



Gone knitting.

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