Deady Bear

IMG_2377This summer my friend Beverly gave me the yarn and pattern to make a Deady Bear for her son-in-law. Sure, I said! I can knit it for you … and I finished it today. Yay, me!

The pattern is really quite simple to follow. It’s in the book Son of Stitch ‘n’ Bitch by Debbie Stoller. The pattern is by Arwyn Yarwood-Hoeppner. I had all the yarn in the colors as described in the pattern. If there is one comment about the yarn, I would say that it is somewhat “splitty” but very adequate. I had way too much yarn. I wondered on more than one occasion if I was supposed to knit with the yarn doubled throughout the pattern. But there is no mention of doing so. So, on I went with a single strand.

I only had a few anxious seconds on the muzzle of my bear where it appears that there is no Row 15. Not sure if it was mis-numbered or if I totally missed something. Either could be true! Regardless, I decided to just knit on and finish the sucker … and I did. All day today to “get ‘er done”! Photographed and now I just have to pack it up and send it to Maine where I hope it will be loved and cherished.

Overall, the pattern is very clear and easy to follow. A good beginner project for someone who wants to try to knit something other than scarves or hats. The pieces are knit mostly flat and then seamed. I am not a huge fan of seaming but it was easy to zip up the seams on this little guy (or gal?)

I love the fact that the bee won this time!

IMG_2372The bee … needs eyes. Just sayin’.

Gone knitting!

Deady Bear Progress!



I’m making this crazy bear for a friend. I’ve knitted an owl before and I love it. This, I’m not sure about yet. There have been several “softies” that I have been tempted to knit (and this one is not necessarily on the list!)

The pattern is “Deady Bear” by Arwyn Yarwood-Hoeppner is in the book Son of Stitch ‘n’ Bitch: 45 projects to knit and crochet for men. While it requires a bunch of yarn colors, the yarn is not super expensive. I’m knitting with the Nature Spun Sportweight yarn by Brown Sheep in the colors that were listed in the pattern. You could knit this bear in any sport-weight yarn, however, and in any colors that please your eyes.

I’m enjoying the process (as I do with almost all projects) and now that he’s stuffed and starting to take shape, it’s even more fun – partly because I’m almost finished and partly because, once again, I’ve tried something that I wouldn’t normally have tried and I can do it! Yay me!



Gone knitting.