Ho-Ho-Holiday Knitting

I’ve had a few knitting projects that I have nearly completed for Christmas giving. I would like to add one more to the bunch, but I am sane enough to know it just won’t be happening. I will make it for a birthday gift in 2014!

What have I knitted, you ask?

For my mom’s cousin, Rita, I made a really pretty blue feather and fan scarf. I’ve been wanting to make something for Rita since I saw a woman on the subway last winter (or the winter before). She was an older lady, like Rita, and she was all bundled up in what could have been hand-knit hat and scarf. I imagine that living in New York when you’re older is not easy and I just wanted to remind Rita that I love her and think of her often.

Rita Scarf

Rita Scarf

I work closely with several wonderful people every day at school. So, of course, I wanted to do something for them for Christmas … there are about ten of them … and, of course, I decided to knit them dishcloths. Red. With “Woody” paw prints. I still have one or two to go but I’m getting there. I just have to make the handmade soaps to go along with them. It won’t take too long but I have to heat up the kitchen to do it – which, when the temperatures are at near-record-breaking highs, isn’t very attractive.

Monk models Willow's snood

Monk models Willow’s snood

I made a snood for my Chicago grand-dog, Willow. My Monk is the model here. I hope it’ll keep her ears super warm on those cold, windy Chicago winter days. My daughter asked for gray and I added some bright green for color. I’m happy with it!

I was raised with little emphasis on handmade gifts. They simply weren’t valued. I’ve come to believe that they are more valuable than anything that I could buy. My time and talents are well spent knitting for my friends and family for their gifts. I hope they know that there is love in every stitch. I wouldn’t be knitting for people that I don’t care about! 🙂

Happy Holidays! Happy knitting!

Gone knitting.

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