Starry Light

This has got to be one of the quickest and most delightful projects I’ve ever knitted!

Starry Light by Laura Nelkin

This is Starry Light by Laura Nelkin. It’s a quick knit on US 17 DPNs with a 66 foot length of fairy lights. I ordered mine on Amazon but this is a strand that needs to be plugged into a USP port. I have mine connected to my laptop on my desk and it works. We have a couple of those USB blocks around the house but I like my light on my desk – at night I can enjoy the starry light while I’m knitting in my atelier.

The knitting isn’t easy. Wire doesn’t stretch like yarn but it doesn’t take too much time to get adjusted. The start is a bit awkward as I think everyone who has started one of these has said. I’m sure that when I make more that they’ll get easier with each try. Regardless, when the knitting is done and the wire is threaded through the live stitches, you have to really “massage” the lacey wire mess into a star. I found it easier to bend the wire into 4-inch lengths which would become my star. (I wish I’d taken some video of what I did.) I then stretched and pulled and wiggled the wire into shape being careful not to stress the wire so much that I broke it.

I’m tickled with it – and bonus, my lights have eight different settings controlled by the button at the base of the lights or the remote that comes with the set. I’m going to order more after Christmas and knit up a bunch to use around the house – maybe in the big picture windows in our living room. We all need more light at this time of year!

Gone Knitting.

Ho-Ho-Holiday Knitting

I’ve had a few knitting projects that I have nearly completed for Christmas giving. I would like to add one more to the bunch, but I am sane enough to know it just won’t be happening. I will make it for a birthday gift in 2014!

What have I knitted, you ask?

For my mom’s cousin, Rita, I made a really pretty blue feather and fan scarf. I’ve been wanting to make something for Rita since I saw a woman on the subway last winter (or the winter before). She was an older lady, like Rita, and she was all bundled up in what could have been hand-knit hat and scarf. I imagine that living in New York when you’re older is not easy and I just wanted to remind Rita that I love her and think of her often.

Rita Scarf

Rita Scarf

I work closely with several wonderful people every day at school. So, of course, I wanted to do something for them for Christmas … there are about ten of them … and, of course, I decided to knit them dishcloths. Red. With “Woody” paw prints. I still have one or two to go but I’m getting there. I just have to make the handmade soaps to go along with them. It won’t take too long but I have to heat up the kitchen to do it – which, when the temperatures are at near-record-breaking highs, isn’t very attractive.

Monk models Willow's snood

Monk models Willow’s snood

I made a snood for my Chicago grand-dog, Willow. My Monk is the model here. I hope it’ll keep her ears super warm on those cold, windy Chicago winter days. My daughter asked for gray and I added some bright green for color. I’m happy with it!

I was raised with little emphasis on handmade gifts. They simply weren’t valued. I’ve come to believe that they are more valuable than anything that I could buy. My time and talents are well spent knitting for my friends and family for their gifts. I hope they know that there is love in every stitch. I wouldn’t be knitting for people that I don’t care about! 🙂

Happy Holidays! Happy knitting!

Gone knitting.