Back In Business!

Woo! Hoo! Finally and just in time, I’m back! This has been a particularly challenging three weeks or so since I decided to get smart and change my website from one host to another … and lost my “entire website”! But thanks to the powers that be on WordPress, GoDaddy and Host Gator, I’m back in business.

This experience has made me really fearful of changing the hosting service that I’ve been using but it’s way more expensive and way more “advanced” than what I need. Since Queen Bee Knits is just me chatting about knitting and what I am doing and learning, I don’t see any reason to pay nearly $100 a year to have the site hosted. So, I am hoping to make another change over to WordPress … but my site is on their .org site and I need to move to their .com site.

Crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that I can do this successfully this time! I’m moving forward.

Gone  … not really knitting!

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