Back In Business!

Woo! Hoo! Finally and just in time, I’m back! This has been a particularly challenging three weeks or so since I decided to get smart and change my website from one host to another … and lost my “entire website”! But thanks to the powers that be on WordPress, GoDaddy and Host Gator, I’m back in business.

This experience has made me really fearful of changing the hosting service that I’ve been using but it’s way more expensive and way more “advanced” than what I need. Since Queen Bee Knits is just me chatting about knitting and what I am doing and learning, I don’t see any reason to pay nearly $100 a year to have the site hosted. So, I am hoping to make another change over to WordPress … but my site is on their .org site and I need to move to their .com site.

Crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that I can do this successfully this time! I’m moving forward.

Gone  … not really knitting!

Proud Mama!

You can tell I haven’t been knitting enough because I am blogging this week about WIPs, our new Big Brown Dog (Monk) and now being a proud mom. This is supposed to be a place where I write about knitting but it’s also my way of sharing bits and pieces of my life.

I have three big pieces of my life in my three children. The last few years haven’t always been easy. When parents go through a divorce, it directly affects a family and my kids have had some “issues” to deal with which have not been easy. It’s been difficult for me to be perceived as the “strong” parent because I’ve had to live a life without seeing them enough -I ‘m not sure there’s a chance of seeing them enough now that they’re grown and on their own. I have had to find peace living a life that’s radically different than the old one and especially around birthdays and holidays. But I am getting away from the purpose of this post …

Easter Day Daffodils on Fifth Avenue!

Easter Day Daffodils on Fifth Avenue!

We spent a weekend in New York City around Easter time and all three of my kids were there. I was thrilled to have them all in the same city and I am so proud of the people that they’re becoming! My youngest, my son, is in transition now and thinks he’s moving to New York. A terrifying prospect for a mom but he feels it’s time for him to give it a try – and why not try while your sister is there and you have a couch to land on! My younger daughter is my “body double” (maybe not today’s body, but even I see the likeness from when I was young!) and she’s got a real big job at a university in Chicago and seems to be content in her life there. My oldest one is why we were all there …

On January 1, she got engaged to long-time love, Spencer and one of the steps is to meet his family which we did. They’re great people and we will all support this wonderful couple. Our kids!

We also went to see my daughter in her first starring role on Broadway in “Rock of Ages”. The show has been on Broadway for a long time and is in the Helen Hayes Theater which is a small house, intimate and the perfect venue for this 80s rock party. I am proud of my girl who is living her dream and building a career. She’s got an amazing talent – and I’d like to take some credit for having encouraged her to do what she loves … and her beauty, too, of course!

This week I got a text messaged photograph.


Yes, my kid is on a bus stop poster!


Yes, I’m one proud mama!

Gone Knitting!

In Consideration of the Wooly Bear

I was walking some dog poop up the driveway in the poop shovel this morning and practically tripped over this guy (or gal!). Well, I didn’t exactly “trip” over it, but I nearly stepped on it and since I was carrying a shovel full of … well, you know … I tried hard NOT to step on it and nearly dumped the “load” (so to speak) all over the driveway.

I was thinking, though, these guys have a difficult life, don’t they? As I was standing over it with my camera (and every time my camera made a noise, the caterpillar stopped moving … but it never curled itself into a ball) I was watching it navigate the grass and rocks and other detritus that is part of the Maine landscape and was realizing that it’s kind of similar to me climbing a mountain but I don’t have to worry about somebody stepping on me or picking me up to play with me! What a brave creature to come out of its bed daily and climb mountains (even though by my eyes, they’re pint-sized mountains), taking the risk of being stepped on by who-knows-what because just about anything’s bigger than he/she is!

My next thought was about people and, more specifically, me. I always considered myself NOT to be a risk-taker. I think I’m changing that perception, though. I’ve left an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage, a comfortable home and community to live somewhere new where nothing was certain (and it’s still not on some days). That was very brave! I’m learning and re-learning daily and hitting bumps in the road on occasion – sometimes taking those bumps in stride and sometimes, not so much! I’m like the Wooly Bear!

I guess the moral of the story, if there is one, is that I’m stretching just like the Wooly Bear caterpillar, and while I am so in awe of how brave he/she is, I could take a little time to consider (and be proud of) how brave I am, too! In this big adventure called life, I’m stretching and growing and it’s all good.

Gone knitting!