Keeping on Keeping on

I’m still keeping on keeping on!

Sunrise this morning over Sidney, Maine

We have been having absolutely stunning weather. Some has been really cold and some, like today, is really warm. The election is behind us and I’m hoping that we all work to bring our country together because that’s what makes this country great …

I’ve finished a big Christmas present and I can’t show you pictures for obvious reasons! Suffice it to say it’s beautiful and now, having knit it before, I remember why I loved this pattern. It was interesting to knit with simple cables all the way through. I’ll write more about it after Christmas (I hope I can remember!)

I’m working on a baby sweater to go with the baby blanket that I knit awhile back. I’m working with Hayfield’s Baby Blossom Chunky which is soft and the pre-printed yarn knits up in an interesting pattern, making the knitter look brilliant and talented without doing anything special! The blanket is adorable and it’ll be really warm for a new baby in Colorado. I’m knitting the six-month size in the sweater because shortly after he’s born this little guy will be moving from Florida to Colorado! The yarn is easy care (machine wash and dry) for mom.

Bulky Baby Pullover by Knitting Pure and Simple in Baby Blossom Chunky

When I finish this little sweater, I’ll knit a hat to match and then the gift will be sent to Florida. This is a very special baby. His mom is a young woman I’ve known for ten years and love like she’s my own. I’m proud of her, excited for her and wish that I lived closer!

I’ve got two orders coming up having finished another baby blanket for a customer/family member. The three cable baby blanket came out beautifully in a solid color as it did in the computer generated print yarn. Yay! This will go on my short list of baby gifts to knit.

So, next up is a Christmas stocking for a special nephew (not mine, my customer’s) and then four pairs of mittens for another customer’s grandchildren.

Pumpkin Blondies

These pumpkin blondies were really delicious!!! We gobbled them up in record time. I used pumpkin that I had bought and cooked (not the canned pumpkin) and it was a light pumpkin flavor that I really liked. I added chocolate chips and pecans, too. The bars were moist and really yummy! I will make them again.

Gone … we’re putting up Christmas lights outside today because it’s gorgeous outside and I need to get out of my studio. I’ve been working for almost five hours on a Sunday … I’m done now!

2 thoughts on “Keeping on Keeping on

  1. Greetings old friend,
    The baby sweater is adorable.
    Stay safe and well 🙂 I, too, put up some holiday lights, and frankly since it’s 2020 am leaving them on. We need some light.
    Miss you – the hazard of leaving FB

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