FO – Sunday Morning Shawl by Espace Tricot

I have been knitting and knitting and I finally have some FOs to show for it. Finally!

When we went on vacation, I decided to give myself the gift of a new “vacation” knitting project. Three hours to Rhode Island, a week at the beach and three hours home to Maine. I can’t say that I got a ton of knitting done but I did knit some while we were away.

Sunday Morning Shawl by Espace Tricot

I have now finished my Sunday Morning Shawl by Espace Tricot. I used The Fibre Company’s Lore, 100% wool yarn, in a gorgeous mustardy yellow. The shawl design is simple and classic with a bit of twisted rib and stockinette and a wonderful row of bobbles. I loved knitting this shawl and I love wearing it now that it’s finished and blocked. I can’t tell you, though, that it was finished without drama.

I got to the twisted rib edging and was almost half-way through when I noticed the “line.”

The line – finger pointing for emphasis

I really thought that since it was for me that I could “deal” with the little problem so I continued knitting … and realized I couldn’t… deal with it.

Have you ever had a problem with a knitting project and thought you could ignore it and knit on? And the you realized that you couldn’t ignore it and needed to fix the problem? Well, that’s what I did – dropped down every other row where it was twisted when it shouldn’t have been and then pulled the stitches back up so I could knit on.

Almost fixed
Fixed! Finger to help you see there is no line! 🙂

I dropped about one hundred stitches down ten rows or so and pulled them up. As I fixed each stitch ans the line disappeared, I felt so much better about my work. The design is amazing, the yarn and color are perfect and I love this vacation shawl! I wore it to work for the first time today.

Gone knititng!

3 thoughts on “FO – Sunday Morning Shawl by Espace Tricot

  1. That looks lovely and cozy and wonderfully warm. I am glad you went back and fixed those stitches. Having had a similar experience in the past, those stitches would have bugged you for the life of the garment. The color is so autumnal!!


  2. Ned must be a speed demon! I drove to Foxboro on Saturday and it took me 3 1/2 hours each way! But back to the shawl.. It is amazing as usual. Glad you fixed it, but I am a rookie knitter. Can you ‘splain how that twist happens? I have done it and don’t have a clue how…


    • Well, on the right side you knit into the back of every other stitch. That twists the stitch. On the wrong side, you Purl into the back of those twisted stitches. It’s really pretty. Just a bit different that k1p1 ribbing.


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