Sleepless and Blogging

I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged for so long. I apologize to those of you (all two or three of you) who want to read something of substance about knitting and were looking to me to blog about something. I’ve failed you. (Ha! Ha!)

I’ve been knitting a bunch and have been having fun while doing it. I have my new scarf on the needles with some pretty beads. The pattern is a free one from my LYS called “Beaded Scarf” and it’s a skein of fingering weight yarn – I chose Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock Yarn (Color 5630/ Lot 075) in a light turquoise blue with beads that are the same color and lined in silver (Deanna’s 6/0 beads). I have seen it on the counter in a different yarn and decided that I liked the simplicity of the yarn I picked and it’s simple and understated and I really liked it. The only “difficult” part was figuring out how to get the beads onto the yarn easily. Thankfully, I have knitting friends who are helpful (thanks to Beverly) and got the job done. I did have to buy some straight needles to knit this project. I haven’t knitted on straight needles forever but you have to have them for the beading … or you’ll be moving beads around which is a tedious job.

The beginning ... after stringing on three strands of beads.

The beginning … after stringing on three strands of beads.

These beads needed more light!

These beads needed more light!

I found out today that my brother’s feet are not a size 13 but a size 14 which means that I have a bit more knitting to do before I can finish the toe and deliver the gift. Did you know that a man’s size 14 shoe converts to a 12 inch foot? It’s like knitting for a giant’s foot! 😉 I hope he’ll love them and I am going to work on them tomorrow because I’m ready to cast on another new project and promised myself that I would finish the socks first. I will keep this promise to myself … better than the no buying any new yarn promise.

Keep knitting! Keep Knitting! Socks for "giant" feet!

Keep knitting! Keep Knitting! Socks for “giant” feet!

I have about 11 inches of the knitted bag finished. Knitting this project is hard on my hands. It’s double worsted weight yarn held together and the pattern asks for a size US 6 needle. The fabric is very stiff and, of course, being stockinette stitch, it rolls up and is fairly unforgiving. I can only do a few rows of this before my arms are tired. A strange “complaint” for a knitter (but you’d understand if you tried it!) I am loving the colorway that I chose which is a dark gray but not quite charcoal gray. I think the bag is going to be pretty and I am eager to get to the two lace panels which are what I think will make the bag!

Dark Grey Purse Fabric ... getting there!

Dark Grey Purse Fabric … getting there!

I haven’t touched my DROPS tunic. So be it. Other projects are taking precedence now and that has to be OK. My new yarn awaits and I have a new order for a baby blanket so I have to find some yarn and get moving on that, too.

Meanwhile, our house is full of family tonight and it’s such fun to have my brothers and their families in our house. We had a fabulous dinner of lobster (caught by my brother) and fresh Striped Bass. Life is good and I feel so blessed.

Gone knitting!


There! It's finished ... well, off the needles

There! It’s finished … well, off the needles

My Bermuda shawl is one row away from being finished. If I weren’t so lazy on this Sunday morning, it’d be finished already … but I just got back from my atelier and forgot to get my bigger needles so that I can bind off “very” loosely.

So I decided to blog instead.

I replaced my wrong-sized needles yesterday (with a bit of attitude from the LYS owner who sold them to me on Tuesday. What?!) and they will have to be the next project re-started and finished because I have eleven days until my brother’s birthday. I’d hate to disappoint! But he may be getting one sock instead of two! 🙂

Gone knitting.

i(have a new)Phone

I got an early Birthday gift from my sweetie and as a result, I’ve lost a day (and a half if I’m really being honest) of work with play … well, it’s sort of play and sort of brain exercise. 🙂

I have a new iPhone and I’m trying to figure out how to connect to the Cloud and get my emails to work and putting the calendar on it and all that good stuff.

Long story short, if you call me … I know I can answer the phone!

I feel like such a techie!

Gone knitting!

You say April, I say …

Happy Birthday!!!

The end of April signals a lot of things to people. All over the world, spring is springing … flowers and trees are coming alive after a long winter (well, it wasn’t so long this year!) In my family, the end of April signals birthdays.

Today it’s my nephew’s birthday … Happy Birthday, Reid! My youngest brother, Jeff, turns … well, let’s just say he’s hitting a big birthday next year. And on Friday, my baby turns 22! Three great men (one’s still a boy) who were born at  the end of April.

I wish I had a photograph of the three of them together … but I don’t, so a picture of my son (one of my favorites and likely his least favorite) will have to suffice.

Happy Birthday to all!

Gone knitting!