So Many WIPs, So Little Time

Y’all! I have so many WIPs and so little time!

I probably have almost twenty (yes, 20!!!) projects that are in progress. I had promised myself that I would finish the ones started before starting any new ones and I’ve failed miserably at that “promise”! So, I’m still trying to keep my spirits up and to enjoy what I am working on while also making a somewhat feeble attempt to pick up an older WIP here and there.

Currently, I’m working to finish one sock, it’s a “ped” or a “clog sock”. A very small sock. I stopped knitting after the first one was finished and set the yarn and sock aside. Who knows why. Suffice it to say, if I actually applied myself, I could probably knit it up in two days. But I decided that I wanted to knit a sweater for my new (year-old) nephew. So, I cast on last week. I’m knitting him a little pullover and I’ll make it big so he can wear it next fall. It’s going to be my adaptation of a sweater that’s free on Ravelry but I’m making a pullover version and it’s with diggers!!! My son loved any trucks and diggers when he was little and I hope Hugh will, too.

Can you see the increase “lines”? I didn’t like this at all and was concerned it wouldn’t block out!

I have a couple of sweaters for me on the needles, too. Humulus, a colorwork yoke sweater and then a cotton/linen blend cardigan. I’m not going to go into details here. All of the details are in my Ravelry project page (lindar). I love knitting the Humulus although I had a few issues with my first attempt because I didn’t like the way the increases looked. I frogged it and started over and have used what I call the “Arne and Carlos” increases (raising the “mother” stitch from the row below) which I like better. Fine Sand is the cardigan … I will love the final result but I don’t love knitting with linen/cotton. It’s splitty. I’ll suffer through, though. I’ll get it finished one of these years.

I’ve got a pair of socks for my son on the needles. He turns 30 in April so these will be for his birthday. They’re a sport weight yarn with a bit of cashmere so they’re really soft. I hope he loves them.

There are more. But if I keep sitting here writing, they’re not going to knit themselves!

Gone knitting!

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i(have a new)Phone

I got an early Birthday gift from my sweetie and as a result, I’ve lost a day (and a half if I’m really being honest) of work with play … well, it’s sort of play and sort of brain exercise. 🙂

I have a new iPhone and I’m trying to figure out how to connect to the Cloud and get my emails to work and putting the calendar on it and all that good stuff.

Long story short, if you call me … I know I can answer the phone!

I feel like such a techie!

Gone knitting!

You say April, I say …

Happy Birthday!!!

The end of April signals a lot of things to people. All over the world, spring is springing … flowers and trees are coming alive after a long winter (well, it wasn’t so long this year!) In my family, the end of April signals birthdays.

Today it’s my nephew’s birthday … Happy Birthday, Reid! My youngest brother, Jeff, turns … well, let’s just say he’s hitting a big birthday next year. And on Friday, my baby turns 22! Three great men (one’s still a boy) who were born at  the end of April.

I wish I had a photograph of the three of them together … but I don’t, so a picture of my son (one of my favorites and likely his least favorite) will have to suffice.

Happy Birthday to all!

Gone knitting!