Sunday Fun Day!


Yesterday morning, we woke up to a little fog on the ice and more open water than we’ve seen in what seems forever! Knowing that it was going to be sunny, we figured that the fog would go away and we’d have less ice at the end of the day.


Before we left to go take a Sunday drive, this is what it was looking like. There were a couple of times when the ice came right up to the land and sounded like crystals being rolled around. The sound was so unique! I tried to get a video of the sounds but I didn’t think any of the three were audible enough to translate. Suffice it to say, it was really great!

We wanted to head to Skowhegan today to see if the Maine Grains “cafe” was open and if we could get a bite to eat and buy some oatmeal. It was not open, but it was a pretty drive.

My husband heard about a sculpture at his volunteer job at Colby College Art Museum. Colby Art Museum has a few pieces by this artist. Apparently when he died, his widow spread his works around the state and two are found in Skowhegan!

The Indian statue is HUGE! He is easily the world’s tallest Indian. It’s sixty-two feet tall atop a 20 foot tall base, He was erected in 1969 and dedicated, as you can read in the picture above, to Maine’s Abenaki Indians. The play area, which they now ask you to stay off of, is a two-sided stair-step of farm animals. Please don’t climb on them! These sculptures are a little gem of art and Maine history along the way. You can find this guy on the northeast corner of Madison Avenue and High Street behind the Cumberland Farms food mart. It’s free and worth a detour!

When we got home (after a stop at Giffords for a bit of ice cream) the ice was moving by our house again. And before sunset, it was gone. Ice out!


We heard our first loons on the lake, too. It brought tears to my eyes. I love living in this place and feel so fortunate to be here.

Gone knitting!


Guilty Pleasures

What you may not know is that I love watching a couple of shows on TV. Since we cut off the cable, it’s been a bit more challenging but it’s not impossible!

Most of the time, I watch Grey’s Anatomy on hulu or after it’s been aired. Most of the time, I don’t really “care” whether I watch it on time or later but tonight I do care! It’s the final night of the Bachelor … Jake’s second time around. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I always start off laughing at the whole process and then somewhere in there I start to like the bachelor (or bachelorette) and a few of the girls (or guys).  SO …

Tonight I’m hunting for a website where I can watch TV “live” (LOL! I just mis-typed that last word and it was “love” rather than “live” … Freudian slip of the fingers?) Anyway … since I know that it will be all over the internet and facebook tomorrow morning, that means that it’ll be wrecked for me (even if I think I know who’s going to win!) seems to have a streaming of ABC … I’m crossing my fingers and planning to have a lovely little martini to celebrate Jake’s engagement to … to be continued!

Bachelor and Emily