Guilty Pleasures

What you may not know is that I love watching a couple of shows on TV. Since we cut off the cable, it’s been a bit more challenging but it’s not impossible!

Most of the time, I watch Grey’s Anatomy on hulu or after it’s been aired. Most of the time, I don’t really “care” whether I watch it on time or later but tonight I do care! It’s the final night of the Bachelor … Jake’s second time around. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I always start off laughing at the whole process and then somewhere in there I start to like the bachelor (or bachelorette) and a few of the girls (or guys).  SO …

Tonight I’m hunting for a website where I can watch TV “live” (LOL! I just mis-typed that last word and it was “love” rather than “live” … Freudian slip of the fingers?) Anyway … since I know that it will be all over the internet and facebook tomorrow morning, that means that it’ll be wrecked for me (even if I think I know who’s going to win!) seems to have a streaming of ABC … I’m crossing my fingers and planning to have a lovely little martini to celebrate Jake’s engagement to … to be continued!

Bachelor and Emily



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