Footie Socks Failure

IMG_7250Last night I was up until 11pm finishing my first Footie Socks by Miriam Felton. I’ve made a pair before but I was especially excited to use my Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in the Rockwell colorway.

When I put the sock on my foot I was really disappointed … it didn’t fit! I had an extra inch or so of space at the heel. The foot was a bit too loose too. I’m not sure how I was so far off! The picture below shows how much fabric I can easily pinch … way too much for the sock to stay as it is. Boo.


This morning I frogged the sock and rewound it. I’ll remeasure my feet and start again … being more aware of the heel to make sure I get all the wraps and turns right. I love the new method of short rows that she describes! It makes seeing the short row wraps so much easier! More on that later.

Gone knitting.

The Trouble with Turkish Bed Socks


Car Knitting – Turkish Bed Sock in Lorna’s Laces Bee Stripe

I wish I had been more awake last night when I frogged the Turkish Bed Socks that I knitted this weekend. But it was late and I wasn’t thinking well.

Needless to say, I gave it a shot with my wonderful Lorna’s Laces sock yarn and smaller needles (because that’s what the yarn needed). The striping came out really well and I liked the way the socks were looking but they were too small this time.

Turkish Bed Socks in Koigu KPPPM

Turkish Bed Socks in Koigu KPPPM – the first pair … too big!

The last pair (the first pair) I made were too large … which is why I decided to try smaller needles and thought the lighter-weight yarn would be OK. My first pair are wearable but the heel wrapped part is too low on my heel and they slip off. So I wanted to knit a second pair only smaller – But it was too much smaller. The heel wrap was too short (didn’t come up high enough on my heel) and the whole thing was just too tight. And, even though I added a bunch of rows to the length of the foot, they were still too small. OK. Let’s move on.

So, now I’m going shopping in my stashed yarn and I will find a more appropriate skein of yarn and then I will knit it again. When I get a pair of socks that I am happy with, I will happily adjust that pattern to work with lighter-weight yarn!

Gone knitting!

Free Patterns – Sometimes You Get What you Pay For!

At the Maine Fiber Frolic this summer, I bought this wonderful yarn from one of the booths.

Seacolors Yarn

The yarn came with a free pattern for a Boxy Cardigan sweater with color blocking that I loved so much that it took me an hour to pick out the yarn. That being said, now that I am on the downside of the project (or thought I was), I am finding that the free pattern isn’t really a great pattern … seems that the sleeves are nearly four inches too narrow for the arm/shoulder inset space. Ugh!

I even re-knitted the bind-off on the sleeve to make it stretch a bit more but the one sleeve that I seamed really looks awful. And for the price paid for the yarn, I would prefer that I be able to wear the sweater at the end.

See? …

Shoulder seam and puckery sleeve seam – looks yucky!

And this would be the reason why! The sleeve is four inches too narrow for the opening!

So, what’s a Queen Bee to do? The only idea that I can come up with is to “frog” the sleeve down to where the increases stopped and increase more … and the sleeves will be almost like dolman sleeves! Or, the other option is to “frog” the top of the sweater and take out some of the body length where the sleeve will fit.

I am going to take the project to a few of my knitting friends and see which choice they would choose … or if they have another idea that may be even better than my two options!

Have you got any ideas, dear readers?!

Gone knitting!